How would you describe or picture what your new home will look like after you and your
family move in?

  • The home itself will look and feel like a BREATH-OF-RELIEF! My son will find his favorite spots around the house to play or read books. Laundry will never be a two-hour trip, just another chore around the house. No long waiting for the landlord to fix anything. My son and I will be sleeping in our separate rooms establishing our own sleeping schedules. It will be peaceful watching him play in the yard freely without yelling every 5 seconds “WATCH OUT FOR CAR!”. It will feel SAFE! I would definitely feel 100% safe there with my little man. I would be able to focus more on bonding with and raising my son properly.

What are the biggest issues you currently face in your current home?

  • None of my windows shut properly or even lock at all, in my current apartment. And my front door just simply fell off the hinges. Outdated and broken household appliances. Per the lease, it’s the renter’s responsibility to fix and maintain. Space. My son has barely any privacy/room for play, study, and eating. We share ALL the rooms, ALL the time. Bug infestation. Highly expensive and impossible to keep the bugs gone living in a quadplex apartment.

When did your journey toward homeownership start?

  • 2020. During a class at Strong Families, United Way of Marion County. I heard about Habitat for Humanity of Marion County and then realized it was actually possible to become a homeowner, and not raise my son in a one-bedroom as I originally planned, because I thought that was all I was capable of.

What has your experience been like throughout your journey with Habitat for Humanity of
Marion County?

  • It has been a BLESSING! There is so much I’ve learned and can forever take with me. Today, I know I can accomplish anything, things that I thought were out of my league. And it’s not even the fact of ACCOMPLISHING any goals, that’s important: I TRIED! I didn’t accept situations, blame anybody, result to things…nope. I made an effort to conquer a mountain. Whether or not I actually do conquer some mountains, people will nonetheless look at me and say, “that’s the guy who stood up against a mountain!”