I’m a mother of three children and three grandkids. I’ve worked with youth and family services and was previously a nurse for 15 years. I have a heart for caring for the elderly. My passion is design and event decorating. Born and raised here in Ocala by my parents, along with my four siblings, where I had a very structured and Christian upbringing. Over the years, I’ve faced many different challenges, including sexual abuse, domestic violence, divorce, and even homelessness at one point. I’m a one-year survivor of cervical cancer, which is one of my most significant accomplishments. I’ve had my share of failures and disappointments, but I’ve always kept hope and faith. All the challenges I’ve overcome are due to perseverance and trust in God. I’ve always wanted to be a homeowner and experience the joy of owning my own home. I just didn’t know it could be possible. The first steps I started taking were fixing my credit and keeping a steady job history. I had heard about the Habitat program a long time ago but never applied. After reading a news article about two families receiving homes, I decided it was time to try it for myself. Here I am today, a part of the program, ready to work for my new home. I’m very happy and grateful to Habitat Ocala for making my dream of becoming a homeowner possible. Thank you Wells Fargo for your commitment to support this build.

How would you describe or picture what your new home will look like after you and your
family move in?

  • Beautiful, pleasant, comforting, and peaceful. More space for my grandson Tylan to play. It will  be a very pleasant environment.

What are the biggest issues you currently face in your current home?

  • The biggest challenges we currently face are mold and rodents. The house needs a lot of maintenance. Also, the house has no central air or heat.

When did your journey toward homeownership start?

  • My journey toward homeownership started over two years ago. After going through treatment for cervical cancer I realized that I desired and wanted better for myself and my family. I don’t know why I took so long to decide to do it, but I am so thankful that I did. Through my life change, my mindset changed, and I knew I could do it!

What has your experience been like throughout your journey with Habitat for Humanity of
Marion County?

  • My experience with the Habitat program has been beyond just the home itself. The greatest joy has been the support and encouragement from the Habitat team. They have been an extended family to me even in personal situations, always available with a listening ear and heart. The other family partners out at the construction sites have become friends to me. We sweat, laugh, and share testimonies with each other. Habitat has been beautiful in every aspect of my life, and I’ve realized that people actually have love and care in their hearts genuinely, want to see you succeed, and are there to help make dreams of homeownership possible. I will forever be grateful for Habitat.


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